Pro Bono Lawyers, Law School Clinics, and Innovators

Be Part of our “Brain Trust”

Innovation loves company! The value of this work comes in the collaborations. CAL regularly partners with law students, pro bono attorneys, and expert practitioners to conduct research, advise on strategies, draft documents, etc. You don’t have to have a background in human rights. In fact, it’s often other areas of law where we need the most support!

If you have time to conduct research/analysis on discrete legal questions, if you have expertise in a particular area of law and can answer questions from us or our interns and fellows, or if you want to participate in occasional events (convenings, special events, hack-a-thons, webinars, brown bag lunches and happy hours). 

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Partner with us

These legal strategies are not designed to stay in the Lab. To test them, refine them, adapt them, and succeed, we need people who can help us take these innovations to the field, factory, and courtroom. CAL currently works with law school clinics and pro bono attorneys to help implement test cases on our current projects.

If you have the time and interest in committing longer-term, if you work with/run a law clinic or want to be pro bono counsel on a test case, or if you want to try out the strategy in a new case, or help spread the word about the strategy.

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Contribute to the “Design Lab”

The only way to get new strategies out there is to develop them. CAL wants to create a “culture of innovation.”

If you have ideas about an innovative legal strategy that you want us to research, if you want to help build out a potential strategy that has been brought to us, or if you want to focus on a specific legal innovation idea through the Design Lab Fellowship.

Apply for the Legal Innovation Fellowship.

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