Corporate Accountability Lab is designing the practical solutions we need to fight back against corporate impunity, providing remedy to victims and deterring future misbehavior.

Check out our  2018 Magazine , a baby step toward our first real Annual Report in 2020!

Check out our 2018 Magazine, a baby step toward our first real Annual Report in 2020!


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This was our second year and we made huge strides! 2018 Highlights:

Charity meeting with NGO representatives in Cote d’Ivoire

Charity meeting with NGO representatives in Cote d’Ivoire

  • HUGE Victory! New Rights for Workers Across the Globe: CAL researched, designed, and is currently testing a contract law mechanism that gives workers producing goods for the US market access to remedy through supplier agreements. In our test case alone, thousands of workers in factories around the world have been given new rights they can enforce in the event of violations of their labor rights or local environmental law.

  • Litigation Lab: CAL is constantly researching new legal strategies for corporate accountability, in conversation and collaboration with the human rights community. This year, we collaborated with human rights clinics at several law schools, NGOs and affected community partners. We were supported by many devoted, creative, and skilled legal interns, and moved forward truly innovative legal strategy.

  • Combating Forced and Trafficked Child Labor in the West African Cocoa Industry: CAL is piloting a novel strategy to disrupt the market for forced-labor produced goods. In October 2018, the Harvard Human Rights Clinic hosted CAL and an interdisciplinary group of experts to solicit feedback on how to best leverage this strategy to serve the needs of trafficked children, adult forced laborers, and impoverished cocoa farmers. More details coming in 2019!