Our Advisors

Bill Quigley

Bill Quigley is a law professor and Director of the Law Clinic and the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center at Loyola University New Orleans. Bill has been an active public interest and human rights lawyer since 1977. Bill has served as counsel with a wide range of public interest organizations on issues including Katrina social justice issues, public housing, voting rights, death penalty, living wage, human rights, civil liberties, educational reform, constitutional rights and civil disobedience. Bill has litigated numerous cases with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., the Advancement Project, and with the ACLU of Louisiana where he was General Counsel for over 15 years. He has been an active lawyer with School of the Americas Watch and the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.  Bill served as Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights in NYC from 2009 to 2011 before returning to Loyola. He has served as an advisor on human and civil rights to Human Rights Watch USA, Amnesty International USA, and served as the Chair of the Louisiana Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights.

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Jamie Underwood

Jamie D. Underwood is a partner and global IP strategist in Latham & Watkins’ International Trade Commission (ITC) and Intellectual Property Practices. Jamie uses her first chair experience to help complainants, respondents, and third parties resolve investigations before the ITC and associated matters before Customs and the Federal Circuit. She has advocated for clients in over 50 Section 337 actions involving a wide range of products and industries, and also as an expert in ITC-related arbitration. In addition, Jamie advises entities on policy issues before Congress, federal agencies, and the Administration. Her work and leadership have been recognized by Chambers USA and the IAM Patent 1000. She serves on the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s board of governors, on IPO’s ITC Committee and on the ITC Trial Lawyers Association’s Executive Committee. She has also participated in multiple World Trade Organization Ministerial Conferences as an NGO delegate.

Marco Simons

Marco Simons is the Americas Regional Program Director for Earthrights International. Marco has served as counsel on transnational corporate accountability cases including Doe v. Unocal, Wiwa v. Shell, Bowoto v. Chevron, and Maynas Carijano v. Occidental Petroleum, and submitted amicus briefs in numerous other cases. He has written or coauthored several articles and publications on corporate accountability for earth rights abuses as well as taught college and law school courses on human rights. Marco previously worked for ERI on the Robert L. Bernstein Fellowship in International Human Rights after graduating from Yale Law School. Prior to returning to ERI, he clerked for the Honorable Dorothy Wright Nelson on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and worked for the civil rights law firm Hadsell & Stormer, which was co-counsel on Doe v. Unocal and Bowoto v. Chevron.

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Chris Byrnes                               

Chris Byrnes is an intellectual property and international trade lawyer with experience organizing interfaith social justice movements.  He has worked with a variety of artists, academics, and activists across the U.S., Middle East and South Asia to protect civil liberties of religious minorities, to promote equal access to knowledge and technology, and to prevent corporate capture of public policy. Chris received his J.D. from Georgetown University, his M.T.S. focusing on liberation theologies and praxis from Harvard Divinity School, and his B.A. in Physics and B.A. in Religion from Denison University. He is licensed to practice law in D.C., Maryland, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Katherine McDonnell

Katherine McDonnell helps facilitate community-led information gathering and engagement using both legal and campaign advocacy strategies at Earthrights International (ERI). She is leading ERI’s piloting of a Community-Driven Operational level Grievance Mechanism (CD-OGM) with villagers impacted by Myanmar’s first Special Economic Zone. Prior to working in the Myanmar office, Katherine worked in ERI’s Washington D.C. office as a volunteer with ERI’s Cooperating Attorney Corp. then as a Bertha Legal Fellow. Before coming to EarthRights, Katherine worked supporting Alien Tort Statute litigation against multinational companies, and defending the human rights of people affected by IFI-funded projects. Katherine is a graduate of Santa Clara Law, and has an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Manchester. Katherine is currently admitted to practice law in New York, DC Bar application pending.

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Terry Collingsworth

Terry Collingsworth is a labor and human rights attorney specializing in trade and international labor rights issues. He was General Counsel of the International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF) from 1989 to 2006. He was made Executive Director of the ILRF on September 1, 2001. In April 2007, the litigation practice of ILRF became International Rights Advocates (IRAdvocates), and Mr. Collingsworth decided then to focus primarily on human rights litigation and left the ILRF to head up IRAdvocates as Executive Director.  From 2008 through 2015, he was the managing partner of the D.C. office of Conrad & Scherer, LLP.