2019 Legal Innovation Fellowship


NEW DEADLINE: April 19, 2019


Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL) is a non-profit organization that designs legal solutions to protect people and the environment from corporate abuse. We use a “lab” model, through which we identify, research, and test legal strategies from areas of law that may not be associated with human rights at first glance, but hold immense potential to protect those rights. CAL works to build a “culture of innovation” within the business and human rights field, which will strengthen our collective ability to identify and implement more effective strategies for corporate accountability. You can learn more about some of the projects that have emerged from our Lab here.

Innovation Fellowship

CAL’s new Legal Innovation Fellowship program is a three month experience, allowing you to research and develop your own strategies for human rights and environmental accountability in global supply chains, in a supportive and risk-tolerant environment. In our pilot program, four fellows will be housed in CAL’s Legal Design Lab in Chicago. Each fellow will receive $2500 per month ($7500 total).

Each fellow will propose a project, which we will assess through a three-step process: (1) fellows will submit applications explaining their idea and qualifications; (2) a group of finalists will be contacted for interviews; and (3) as necessary, CAL staff will present finalist ideas to relevant advisors, pro bono partners and other colleagues to assist in final determinations.

CAL will create an innovation-friendly environment for the fellows, including through (1) creativity-generating activities; (2) providing fellows with opportunities for leadership within the office; (3) providing fellows with access to outside experts, trainings, online research subscriptions and libraries, and professional development; and (4) giving fellows opportunities to promote their research, including through blogs, conferences and webinars.

Graduates of the Fellowship will be part of a growing network of innovators, and will have opportunities to collaborate with CAL and others through our Brain Trust network of pro bono attorneys.


While the Innovation Fellowship focuses on legal innovation, non-lawyers with relevant training or experience will be considered. We are particularly interested in applicants from diverse backgrounds (including with experiences in diverse areas of law), those with supply chain expertise, and those with personal or professional connections to Global South organizations and communities. While a relevant advanced degree is a plus, it is not required.

Applicants should be comfortable collaborating with other fellows and CAL staff, reporting on their research, receiving and responding to feedback, and engaging in non-research activities including artistic activities, escape rooms, and physical activities to the extent they are able.

Non-U.S. citizens must have permission to work in the United States. Fellows will be issued a 1099 in January of the year following their fellowship, and fellows are responsible for all applicable taxes.


J.D., other relevant advanced degree, or commensurate experience in a related field.


The application process opens in March, and final decisions will made in June. Fellowships begin in late summer/early fall, with some flexibility on start dates.

Please note that due to the volume of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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Please also send your resume to info@corpaccountabilitylab.org with “Innovation Fellow” in the subject line